Client Reviews and Recommendations

Knowledgeable and Well-Reasoned

Scott is a knowledgeable and well-reasoned professional. He and I mediated cases together as volunteers at Jefferson County Mediation Services. I always looked forward to working with him as I knew I would learn new and creative tools in facilitating successful mediations.

Dedicated, Brilliant Professional

Scott is a dedicated, brilliant, professional and caring attorney who brings those strengths to his roll as mediator. Anyone would be lucky to have Scott helping them to settle their case.

Develops Creative Solutions

I have known and worked with Scott for a number of years. Scott’s ability to recognize and understand each party’s perspective, including the strengths and weaknesses of each person’s position, allows him to develop creative solutions and suggestions for litigation and resolution of disputes. Scott is insightful, intelligent and articulate.

Ethical Professional

Scott is the truest sense of an ethical professional. His years of experience combine with personal integrity to provide favorable results to clients. I recommend without hesitation.

Knowledgeable, Hardworking, Honest, and Direct

Scott is knowledgeable, hardworking, honest and direct. He thoroughly knows his subject manner and is easy to work with. He is a good listener, quickly grasps the point, and sees and implements creative solutions. I wholeheartedly recommend Scott.

Extensive Experience

Scott has extensive experience as an attorney and in mediation. I would recommend Scott to anyone that wants to attempt to reach a mutually beneficial and amicable agreement that is non-adversarial. Scott is a true professional that I would entrust my referrals to anytime.

Reputable Attorney

Scott is a reputable attorney who assists individuals in meeting resolutions in their disputes in a cost effective and amicable manner. I often refer clients to him for divorce mediation.

Win-Win Scenario

Scott brings the expert objectivity of a judge and the personal subjectivity of a mediator and blends them into a win-win scenario for those that he has helped.

Smart and Capable

It is my pleasure to recommend Scott. He is very smart and capable. He is able to see both sides of every dispute, and is able to informally resolve disputes. I count him as my friend as well.

Everyone Benefits

Scott is fantastic to work with. From the get-go it is obvious how seasoned he is: clients (disputing parties) clearly feel comfortable and respected by his style but he also is a pro at managing and facilitating mediation sessions that are highly productive — something everyone benefits from.

True Professional

Scott is a true professional who acts with compassion and precision in his endeavors.

Multi-generational Communication Techniques

I have known Scott for over 7 years and have used the communication techniques outlined in his MULTI-GENERATIONAL COMMUNICATION TECHNIQUES to success on many occasions.

Calm and Professional

Scott is always calm and professional, no matter the situation! He did a great job for me as my attorney, and I imagine he would be an excellent mediator.

A Pleasure to Work With

I worked with Scott in a complicated matter and I found him to be well prepared, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. I hope we can work together again.

Compassionate and Firm

I worked with Scott as a judge. He was always diligent, knowledgeable, prepared, competent, compassionate when appropriate and firm when necessary.

Bright, Intuitive, and Very Conscientious

I have known Scott for about 3 years. He is bright, intuitive & very conscientious. We have discussed numerous difficult legal cases and his resolution approach is cutting edge. He listens well and applies a very methodical discussion to bring parties to an equitable resolution. I would recommend clients to his practice!

Effective and Efficient

Scott is an effective and efficient mediator. He is skilled at addressing clients’ needs and keeping the conversations focused in positive directions. I highly recommend him for any type of dispute.

A Tremendous Asset

Scott Baroway is a tremendous asset to any professional environment, and he has my highest recommendation. He has a sharp mind, excellent communication and mediation skills, and his clients have the utmost respect for him . He is always upbeat and handles himself in a professional manner. He is a true pleasure to work with.

Flexible and Accomodating

Scott is the ideal person to help people resolve their issues. He has a very complete grasp of the law and is patient with people to help them get through the mediation process. He is flexible to accommodate his client’s schedules.

Succeeded in Clearing Up Difficult Situation

Scott took on a very difficult assignment that a number of other attorneys were not willing to take on. And he succeeded in clearing up a very difficult situation for my family.


I was expecting it to be a harder time. But you were excellent and I will definitely recommend you to other. Thank you so much.

Very Professional

Very professional and they explained everything clearly for me.

Courteous, Efficient, and Fair

I have known Scott for several years. As a Municipal Judge he is courteous, efficient, and fair. He is knowledgable in the law and can handle everything that comes his way. Having a practicing judge as a mediator is a real bonus to anyone who works with him. I wholeheartedly endorse Scott Baroway.

Thank You

Thank you very much. I would not have known what to do without you.

Personally Very Pleased

I am personally very pleased with the professional atmosphere yet personal care. Always when I had questions, I was promptly taken care of & thoroughly satisfied with answers and explanations of matters. Thank you very much for caring.

Definitely Worth It

Thank you so much for all your hard work. Hiring you was definitely worth it.


Thank you for being so great with our case.


Our family wants to thank you for the efficient way in which our matter was resolved. I will most certainly recommend your services.

Resolution Approach is Cutting Edge

I have known Scott for about 3 years thru the Charted Property & Casualty Underwriters Society. He is bright, intuitive & very conscientious. We have discussed numerous difficult legal cases and his resolution approach is cutting edge. He listens well and applies a very methodical discussion to bring parties to an equitable resolution. I would recommend clients to his practice!

So Much Easier than Expected

This was so much easier than I anticipated. Your efforts made this extremely difficult time so much easier.

Answers Same-Day

This experience went smoother than I had expected. At all times we were treated in a professional manner and always had answers within the same day. Absolutely recommended to friends and family.

Listens & Helps

Thanks so much for not only the service but for being so sincere in efforts to listen & help.

Efficient and Cost Effective

Working with Mediation Partners was a very efficient and cost effetive way to handle what could have been a long and emotionally painful process. The file clerk at the court said that our paperwork was pristine. Thank You.

Moved the Process Forward

Scott was gifted in remaining impartial in deescalating the conflict yet moving the process forward.

Made a Difficult Process Easier

I was completely satisfied with my experience and the price was much more reasonable than litigation. Through the entire process, clerks and judges commented on how well done the paprework was, which allowed the process to be completed efficiently and without surprises. You made a difficult process so much easier.

Easy to Understand

Scott is very knoledgeable & explained the process as well as the forms and the timeline in a manner easy to understand.

Calmed the Situation

Thank you Scott. Under stressful circumstances, you did a great job at calming the situation.

Very Positive Experience

It was a very positive experience, given the circumstances.

Never-Ending Generosity

Scott, Thank you, Thank you for your never ending generosity and kindness in helping us with our issues.

Made the Experience Much Less Intimidating

I was hesitant to proceed with medition but it seemed like a much better option than going before a judge. Personal disputes are very difficult to discuss with others. You made the experience much less intimidating. Thanks for your help and professionalism.

Not Pressured or Rushed

Scott took the extra time to go over things several times and it was nice not to be pressured or rushed through the door.

Made it Work

Divorce is an unpleasent experience. If mediation is successful, you can avoid going to court. Scott made it work.

Very Knowledgeable

The Process went smoothly and I felt the mediator was well informed on the correct way to handle any discussion or differences we had. I had a much better experience that I was expecting. Very Knowledgeable. Thank You.

Worked Through Issues Positively

I appreciated that you clearly explained the issues and when issues arose that we were able to work through them positively without allowing personal issues to get involved ! Thank you.

Relaxed Environment

Relaxed enviroment for Mediation. Clear instructions. Fast. To the facts. Absolutely professional at all times. Already recommended to friends.

I Appreciate It

Thanks for your support through the process and the efficient completion of the paperwork. You made a difficult thing a little bit easier for me and I do appreciate it.

Made Sure We Understood the Process

Scott made a difficult time in my life easier by providing guidance through the mediation process. He not only drew up all of the paperwork needed for the separation agreement and parenting plan, but he made sure we fully understood the whole process & what could be expected next. Definitely recommend to friends and family

Best Mediation I Have Ever Seen

The best mediation I have ever seen, considering my background in Family Law. I will highly recommend you to my friends and family and those I know in the legal community.

Very Satisfied

Very Satisfied with the process and the cost differential vs. an attorney’s fees.

Helped Every Step of the Way

Scott was very professional and helped every step of the way.

You Did a Great Job

Scott, you did a great job. Very Professional. Easy to understand, quick response time in getting back to us when help was needed. Very thorough & courteous to both parties. Means a lot when you are going through such a tough situation. Will definitely refer others.

Great Customer Service

Great customer service. Thanks for being available to answer questions after our time was done.

Excellent Job

Scott Baroway did an excellent job for us. Thank you Scott!

Very Kind and Professional

Thank you Scott! You were very kind and professional and made a difficult time in my life go as smoothly as possible.