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Parental responsibilities – including those related to child custody, visitation and child support – are often the most difficult issues to address in a divorce. Spouses that were on friendly terms may find that when it comes to the custody of their children that they simply cannot agree. An amicable divorce suddenly turns ugly and it appears that the only resolution is a legal battle.

A Denver divorce mediation lawyer at our offices can offer you an alternative. You can save time and money by choosing mediation as a method of resolving any dispute you and your spouse are having in regard to parental responsibilities. You will have the opportunity to reach an agreement that actually works for you, your spouse and your children, rather than be forced to comply with a judge’s ruling on the matter. This amicable method of resolving legal conflicts may be exactly what you need to avoid a drawn out, expensive courtroom divorce.

Parental Responsibilities

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Parental Responsibilities
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How a Denver Divorce Mediator Can Help

Coming up with an agreement about parenting responsibilities after a divorce may be a difficult and adversarial task. Working through this issue with a neutral party such as a divorce mediation lawyer at the Denver Mediation Partners & Divorce Help Center may facilitate this task. An experienced divorce mediator can assist both parties to a smooth and successful resolution of this issue.

How Are Parental Responsibilities Determined?

In Colorado, the term child “custody” has been done away with to remove the idea that a child is owned by parents and to encourage and foster active participation of both parties in their children’s lives after a divorce. Thus, divorcing parents need to come up with a parenting plan that includes actual parenting time for both as well as the delegation of decision-making about the children, which doesn’t necessarily involve the presence of their children.

A parenting plan submitted to the court needs to include such things as standard and holiday schedules, vacations, exchanges, transportation, and a way to resolve disputes. It also may need to have provisions for changes as children mature as well as other provisions based on each family’s circumstances.

How all of this is worked out is based on many factors. The primary factor may be the desire of the parents and the desire of the children, if they are mature enough to voice any preferences. Other factors may include housing proximity of the divorcing parties, physical and emotional health of children, and the relationships involved between the individual children with each parent. Negative factors, such as evidence of a parent’s previous spousal abuse or child abuse, impact this issue as well.

With the help of a divorce mediation attorney at our Denver law firm, a sound and equitable parenting plan can be reached that is in the best interests of the children and their parents.

Parenting After Divorce also takes practice. View our slide show on handling this difficult and unfamiliar situation.

Need help with working out the parental responsibilities in your divorce? Contact a Denver Divorce Mediation Lawyer at our law firm today to discuss your case.