Asset Division in a Denver Divorce

Denver Divorce Mediation Lawyer

When you need to address the issue of asset division in a colorado divorce, this is something that may be resolved through mediation. You can save time and money by working with a Denver professional mediator who can help you and your spouse resolve any dispute or disagreement regarding the division of property, assets and debt in your divorce. Although this topic may be sensitive and difficult for some to deal with, approaching it in an amicable manner – outside of the courtroom – may enable you and your spouse to come to a workable arrangement that is in your best interests.

A divorce mediation attorney at our Denver offices can meet with you to discuss your options in handling asset division disputes without resorting to family court proceedings. We can talk to you about what property may be subject to equitable distribution and what may be considered separate. We will provide you with accurate information that addresses your particular concerns.

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One of the main issues in any divorce is the division of assets. When you and your spouse sit down with our Denver divorce mediation lawyer, this difficult process will be facilitated by his knowledge of Colorado divorce law, including the tax issues surrounding the divorce process and the division of assets.

What Makes Up the Assets In a Divorce?

Almost everything you acquire during your marriage becomes an asset, which may be divided at divorce. This includes the family home as well as vacation homes, investments such as stock portfolios, savings accounts, commercial or rental real estate, pensions, and retirement benefits, even family businesses.

Dividing these assets up on an equitable basis can become a difficult and highly charged emotional business. That is why you need the impartiality of a mediator who does not take sides but whose main objective is not only a fair resolution of this issue but a financial viable and money-saving one as well.

Equitable Distribution

Colorado is an “equitable distribution” state, which means that, in a divorce, the assets are distributed between the two parties in an equitable fashion. This differs from a community property state where the asset division starts at 50-50. Equitable doesn’t necessarily mean equal. The division of assets must be fair and just, which may be decided through the mediation process by the spouses or by the court if the divorcing parties cannot agree.

How does one decide what is equitable? Our Denver divorce mediation lawyer will assist you with this decision by having you and your spouse consider the following: the length of the marriage, what each party brought to it, each spouse’s earnings and potential earnings, who will be responsible for children, tax consequences, debt incurred, and the cost of retraining or education for either spouse. Other factors may also impact this issue, such as the estimated future value of such things as real estate or stock investments.

To discuss your divorce concerns, including asset division, with a Denver divorce mediation attorney, contact our law firm today!