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About Child Custody Cases in Denver

If you and your spouse are currently filing for divorce or considering filing for divorce and there are children involved, it is your responsibility and in the best interests of the children to consult with an experienced Denver divorce lawyer from our office. We are a mediation law group aimed at helping you smoothly and successfully resolve your divorce and any issues surrounding the separation. Our office has been working since 1987 to bring peace to the divorce and child custody process.

We originally began as a Denver based law firm over two decades ago and after seeing the way people were poorly treated in court during divorce litigations, we decided to form Mediation Partners to bring an easier route to such a difficult time. With such a bad reputation of being stressful and emotional, divorce does not always have to live up to those expectations. We strive to help you find a timely and reasonable solution.

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By putting your children first, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse can find a natural solution to a child custody case. Taking mothers’ and fathers’ rights into consideration, we will be able to help you assess the situation and make the decision to which parent will be better suited to be the main custodial parent. The Denver divorce attorneys at our firm also help with other divorce related processes through mediation, including the following:

Here at our offices, we strive to protect your rights and keep your best interests in mind. For more information on the mediation process and how it can be extremely beneficial to your Denver divorce, consult with a divorce lawyer from our office today!

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